Written to our Hearts

I have struggled to start this blog. It has felt like something I needed to do. But when I sit down to start writing something I get doubtful. I start thinking what could be the right words to say? What words would make a difference to someone? Who am I?

Today I sat down determined to start and what happened those questions came back. Then I thought of when God talked to Moses through the burning bush. Moses doubted himself. He thought that God had picked the wrong person. That he wouldn’t have the right words and that no one would listen to him. (Exodus 3)

I think we all have those times where we think we don’t have the right words or that no one will listen to us. What we have to remember is that God will always listen to us. He knows the right words not just for us to hear but for us to say. It is hard sometimes to believe that God is always listening because we can’t physically see him in front of us and be taken physically in his arms in good and bad times.

But all we have to do is see a sunset or look at a child and see their innocence and know that God created that. We can look beautiful flowers and trees and mountains and know that he is in the wind that blows them. It is in those moments that we can finally take a deep breath and feel peace and know that God always has his arms around us. He never leaves us alone. We just have to remember he is there. He is the number one dependable person for us.

So as I take my own journey in this blog I pray that God gives me the words to say. I pray that he gives me strength, peace, patience away from the computer. I pray that you find peace and love in the Lord. Know that he is with you in good and bad times. Thank him for the good times and talk to him about those times and how it made you feel. And as hard as it may be…we have to thank him for the hard times. The Lord gives us those hard times as reminders that he is there. He wants us to turn to him. Even though he knows what is going on. He wants to hear it from us in our own words.

So let’s look towards tomorrow and giving the Lord our troubles and worries about tomorrow.

Philippians 3:14 – I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

One thought on “Written to our Hearts

  1. Very nice April. I am so very proud of my niece, you are the spitting image of your mother. I know you will find the strength and the words to carry on with not only this blog but your life as well.

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