Left Behind Series: Kids Edition

Years ago I started reading the adult series of Left Behind.  I didn’t finish but I do want to go back to the begining of those and finish the series.  Last year I decided to start in on the kids series.  I was really happy that they had taken the series and did it for kids to show what they would go through and feel.

The next time I go the library I will have to get some more of them.  I’m up to beook 21.  The kids series has 40.

The kids series follows Judd Thompson, Vicki Byrne, Ryan Daley and Lionel Washington.  It does intertwine story wise at times with the adult series.  So if you have read it as an adult you’ll know some things in advanced.  I would recemmend this series for any child.  I love getting getting drawn into a story so much that I’m sittingn on the edge of my seat or my heart starts racing from the action. 

I look forward to reading all 40 books of this series and I am realaly happy that my library ahasa them all.  I hope everyone checks them out sometime.

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