Early Birthday Celebration

In a couple of weeks on September 6th it will be my birthday.  So, I thought of a way to celebrate my birthday and having 2 books out.

I can make a discount code for the paperback when you buy it from the createspace website.  I don’t know of a way to do a code for Amazon.

Secrets of the Heart: Secrets of the Heart is when it is hard to put into words when you love someone or when they have hurt you. These poems cover love, heartache, loneliness, missing someone to feeling like someone is your inspiration. These poems cover when your heart and mind are in conflict to when your eyes can’t help but to let out the tears that your heart is feeling. Let these words take you down the path to let out what your heart and mind have a hard time saying.

Eyes to Heaven:  A collection of poems through the years on my thoughts on God and my relationship with him.

Get $1.50 off Eyes to Heaven by entering    HQ8WGHRV 

Get $1 off Secrets of the Heart by entering    AHUHJ24Q

Both of these codes will be good until September 6, 2012

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