The Way I See it

The way I see it is that we should all be looking for ways to help others.  Those that have known me know that I want to make a difference in someone’s life.  Another thing that I always wanted was to see my name printed on a book.  It is a cool feeling to see my name as the author.

I see being an author as just a way to get words and feelings out.  Those that know me know that I’m not really one for the limelight.  So for me being an author isn’t about fame or fortune.  I just want to get things out and hope that the words could make a difference to someone.

The other day I decided that for the month of October, November and December a portion of all profits from my books will go to a charity.  I chose Alex’s Lemonade.  It is a great charity trying to give children with cancer a fighting chance.

Today at work my mind started wondering.  In the position I work in I am lucky that I get to listen to music.  At one moment DC Talks version of Lean on Me came on.  Love it!  I started thinking about its words.

“In this family we gotta love like Christ
So precise in your life so take this advice
Brother to brother we need to learn to love each other
So lean on me when you’re in trouble
I cast my cares on Christ ’cause He cares for me
So when you need a shoulder to cry on, just lean”

There have been times that my mother and I like other families in the world have needed help and we were blessed enough to have someone to lean on at the right moment.  Because of these times I, even more than I already did, want to help others.

I’ve decided that I’m going to continue on after the end of the year what I’m trying to do for Alex’s Lemonade.  Every 2 months I will choose a new charity and during that period 50% of all profits from books sales will be given to the charity.

I have also set up an account on Crowd Rise so that if someone just wants to make a donation to the charity during that period then you can there.  I will be adding a widget to the side bar shortly too.

So please spread the word to help Alex’s Lemonade and what is going on here.  I have a few other charities I would like to use coming up.  But if you know of a charity you think I should consider then contact me above.

God Bless  ♥

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