The Bliss

This post has NOTHING to do with my writing.  Oh well.  😉

I am a BIG fan of Jennifer Murgia.  She has recently revealed the cover of her newest book.  It is a really awesome cover.

The Bliss is an ebook novella prequel to her other books Angel Star and Lemniscate.  If you haven’t read those then what are you waiting for?!  :p (more…)

Sneak Peek: Silent Darkness


I hope everyone is having a great day. I decided to share a little peak of something I’m working on. Parts could change since it is part of a rough draft but it will still give you a glimpse. 🙂


I pressed on, my heart raising. I was too scared to look back to see if he was still there or how far away he was. All that was around me were trees. I wanted to find somewhere to hide so I could catch my breath. Tears stung my eyes and made it hard to see. (more…)

Leader, Protector, Warrior


Just like the last poem I posted, Darkness, this poem is written for a story. What does it make you think of? Read this one and tell me what you think. Then know that this poem and Darkness are actually for the same story. Does that change what you think of the poem?


What I was raised to be
Together to the future (more…)