Sneak Peek: Silent Darkness


I hope everyone is having a great day. I decided to share a little peak of something I’m working on. Parts could change since it is part of a rough draft but it will still give you a glimpse. 🙂


I pressed on, my heart raising. I was too scared to look back to see if he was still there or how far away he was. All that was around me were trees. I wanted to find somewhere to hide so I could catch my breath. Tears stung my eyes and made it hard to see.
I wiped at my eyes when I tripped and feel and started sliding down a slope. I grabbed at anything I could to stop myself but my hands slipped by everything. Every part of my body hurt when I came to a stop. I stayed put for a minute slowing my breathing and listening. It was quiet with the occasional bird.
I sat up looking at a stream a few feet away. I crawled over to wash my hands. It was freezing water but it felt good. It may not have been smart but I cupped my hands and took a drink. My body shivered as it went down but it felt so good I took a couple more.
Now if I could just find something to eat. I had to leave the stash I had stored up. I wasn’t able to get to it before he started coming after me. I was lucky to have jeans on that had money in the pockets.
After sitting back for a couple of minutes I started walking along with the stream. As I walked I wanted to feel freedom. I wanted to feel peace. But really I didn’t know if those feelings would ever happen. I didn’t know how long I would have to run. I didn’t know if I would ever find a place to be my safe haven. I could dream.
It was quiet for a while but then I stopped. It seemed like I could hear something. My heart started racing again. I stopped where I was when I heard his voice.
“Naima” His voice bellowed in the woods. “You know you can’t hide from me.”

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