Playlist Fiction

11Playlist Fiction.  What first comes to mind when you read that?  I know that the first time I was approached about it I was intrigued.  I was curious what it meant and what was involved.


Music has always been important to me. Different song, beats, lyrics are all like the soundtrack to your life.  Music helps me to focus at work, can help lift me up when needed.  Sometimes most importantly can bring on a memory.  The lyrics or the artist voice can bring on emotions from being happy, excited to a few tears.  If you can’t tell I can tend to just go into my own little world when I’m listening to music. 


The other way to go into another world, to feel someone else’s love, happiness, anger, tears and heartache is to read.  I wasn’t necessarily a big reader growing up.  I would read just not all the time.  Then when I was a student worker in the financial aid office a co-worker and I talked about books.  We loved the fantasy and just being able to escape “our world”.  I remember telling her how I LOVED Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.  (If you haven’t read anything by either, YOU MUST. I love the worlds they create.)  We also talked about vampires and things of the supernatural world like L.J. Smith.  She told me on a few occasions that I need to check out Twilight.  It seemed to spark this new thing in me to want to read more and more. 


I talk about this in two different ways because yes, there is a point.  I promise.  😉  (more…)

The Fictional Boyfriend

Psst . . . I have a crush! Just don’t tell my husband, okay? Although I’m sure he already knows—the dates with my laptop, the blush across my face—how can I possibly hide the fact that I’ve fallen for one of my fictional characters from my own book??

Oh, come on! YOU haven’t fallen for a fictional boyfriend? Say it isn’t so!

Edward. Jacob. Jace. Four. Peeta. Gayle.

Really, what’s not to swoon over?

In my case, I’m torn because there are two. Yes, two beautiful angels who have stolen my heart. While writing my debut YA novel ANGEL STAR I fell hard (and I mean HARD) for my beautiful angel Garreth. He still holds my heart in the palm of his hand. Ok, fine—it’s an octagram, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Then my heart sort of stretched and found room to crush on another angel. He was wild and dark and enigmatic and my readers frowned upon him at first. How could I have such feelings for someone so vile? But it happened. My heart felt something for Hadrian. Still does. And I’m not ashamed. Nope. Not one bit. (more…)

Jennifer Murgia is bringing us Hadrian again and what else?

4Jennifer Murgia first came to us in 2010 with Angel Star.  In it we first get introduced to Teagan, Garreth and Hadrian.  The way the story flowed and developed it left you wanting more to the story.  The next year we got it with Lemniscate.  It brought all three characters together again just having to work together in a different way. 

I know for me I enjoyed both but still left wanting more.  I could see another book just with a backstory of sorts.  Now Jennifer is giving that to us in a way.  She has a short novella out called The Bliss that gives us the look at what got Hadrian to the point he was in Angel Star.

I got the chance to ask Jennifer some questions.  I was thrilled when I found out that she had written a backstory.  Yes a little down when I found out it was just a short novella but it is more of the story so it is still good news.

Q: A lot of fans of Angel Star and Lemniscate have wanted more to the story.  What made the prequel come about or is it something you always planned on doing?

A: A friend of mine happened to fall in love with my dark angel character, Hadrian, and asked if I’d ever consider writing a spin-off that would either feature him, or be told from his point of view.  Since I’d had it in the back of my mind to shed some light on Lucifer’s fall from Grace, Teagan’s father and, of course, Brynn, the idea to create a prequel seemed like fun.  The Bliss is that story. (more…)

The Bliss: Quote Hop


I am very excited, thrilled and honored to kick off this quote hop.  I love Jennifer’s work.  I have been wanting more of the Angel Star story and….we finally have it.  YEAH!!

The Bliss is a prequel novella to Angel Star.  Yes, I said novella.  So while we have more of the story it is a short story.  That is the only sad part of this.  But, we will have to take what we can get.  🙂

The Bliss (summary): Like his fallen brother Lucifer, Hadrian has been ordered by his fellow angels into a reflective state know as the Bliss. Having also grown enamored by the same darkness that inhabits human souls, he feels that Lucifer’s banishment was too severe. Forever influenced by that horrific event, Hadrian vows revenge and ventures to Earth to follow him, unwittingly starting an eternal competition for the control of human and angelic souls alike. In this Angel Star novella, THE BLISS will show how the battle between dark and light truly began. (more…)