Jennifer Murgia is bringing us Hadrian again and what else?

4Jennifer Murgia first came to us in 2010 with Angel Star.  In it we first get introduced to Teagan, Garreth and Hadrian.  The way the story flowed and developed it left you wanting more to the story.  The next year we got it with Lemniscate.  It brought all three characters together again just having to work together in a different way. 

I know for me I enjoyed both but still left wanting more.  I could see another book just with a backstory of sorts.  Now Jennifer is giving that to us in a way.  She has a short novella out called The Bliss that gives us the look at what got Hadrian to the point he was in Angel Star.

I got the chance to ask Jennifer some questions.  I was thrilled when I found out that she had written a backstory.  Yes a little down when I found out it was just a short novella but it is more of the story so it is still good news.

Q: A lot of fans of Angel Star and Lemniscate have wanted more to the story.  What made the prequel come about or is it something you always planned on doing?

A: A friend of mine happened to fall in love with my dark angel character, Hadrian, and asked if I’d ever consider writing a spin-off that would either feature him, or be told from his point of view.  Since I’d had it in the back of my mind to shed some light on Lucifer’s fall from Grace, Teagan’s father and, of course, Brynn, the idea to create a prequel seemed like fun.  The Bliss is that story.

Q: Have you thought of writing something from Garreth’s POV to give a different side of what happened during Angel Star or Lemniscate?  Or a story all his own, perhaps? Yes, Garreth is my favorite.  I would love more from him.  🙂

A: First of all, so sorry to all the Garreth fans for choosing to give Hadrian his own story!  I felt Garreth’s role in Teagan’s life was already so clearly portrayed in the first two books, so re-telling Angel Star from his perspective seemed a bit redundant to me.  Although writing a new story from Garreth’s POV, or maybe even alternating the POV with another character, might not be out of the question, some day.

Q: Angel Star was your first published book.  So, how have things been going since that and Lemniscate came out?  Have things changed too much?2

A: Things have been wonderful and yes, they’ve changed, or rather I’ve changed.  While it will always hold a special place in my heart for Angel Star, I see how my writing has really changed.  I’m a much better writer today than three years ago.  I’m more structured in how I spend my day and how I juggle writing with promoting.  I’m also represented by a fabulous literary agent — something I didn’t have under my belt when I began querying publishers with Angel Star.

Q: When you started writing or thinking of writing the prequel to Angel Star did you think it would be a novella or did you start out thinking it would be longer?

A: The Bliss was intentionally written to be a novella.  I did at one point believe it could have been a little longer, but I realized it wasn’t necessary.  It’s a small taste at a world we didn’t fully get to explore in Angel Star and Lemniscate.

Q: Did you face any challenges in writing The Bliss or was it a little easier since you knew where the characters where ending up having already written Angel Star and Lemniscate?

A:  I knew from the first word in the manuscript which direction I wanted to take in the prequel.  The best challenge which was more fun than being difficult was I had held a Character Contest for the prequel a while ago to introduce a new angel to the storyline.  I couldn’t choose between two fabulous beings, so I ended up writing them both in!  The Bliss will introduce readers to Talan, a sensitive Angel of Death, who is sort of a rookie at his job — and the beautiful Vayne, a shape shifting watcher and paramour of Lucifer.

Q: What can we look forward to from you next?

A: Trust me.  I have a few projects up my sleeve!  Right now I’m in a sort of limbo as to when I can reveal things to the public, but I do have something exciting that I’ll be announcing very soon!

Q: What is something you have read lately that you would recommend and why?

A: Right now I’m reading Shadows by Ilsa Bick.  It’s the sequel to her thrilling novel Ashes.  I highly recommend it!  I also recently finished Touched by Cyn Balog and Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers … both amazing stories that hold places of honor on my bookshelf!

Thank you Jennifer for stopping by and answering some questions.  I look forward to seeing what others think of The Bliss.  I also look forward to seeing what else Jennifer has coming in the future for readers.

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