The Fictional Boyfriend

Psst . . . I have a crush! Just don’t tell my husband, okay? Although I’m sure he already knows—the dates with my laptop, the blush across my face—how can I possibly hide the fact that I’ve fallen for one of my fictional characters from my own book??

Oh, come on! YOU haven’t fallen for a fictional boyfriend? Say it isn’t so!

Edward. Jacob. Jace. Four. Peeta. Gayle.

Really, what’s not to swoon over?

In my case, I’m torn because there are two. Yes, two beautiful angels who have stolen my heart. While writing my debut YA novel ANGEL STAR I fell hard (and I mean HARD) for my beautiful angel Garreth. He still holds my heart in the palm of his hand. Ok, fine—it’s an octagram, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Then my heart sort of stretched and found room to crush on another angel. He was wild and dark and enigmatic and my readers frowned upon him at first. How could I have such feelings for someone so vile? But it happened. My heart felt something for Hadrian. Still does. And I’m not ashamed. Nope. Not one bit.

See, while Garreth is light and full of good intentions, Hadrian is dark, brooding, and so very tempting . . .

Oh sorry. *Fans self*. Is it hot in here?

So what makes a fictional boyfriend so wonderful? Let me enlighten you. Be forewarned because you will either a) fall hard immediately or b) savor that slow “get to know you as I read about you” stage. Then you’ll find that he never talks back, never argues, never tells you you’re fat, never burps in public, never chooses his friends over you, never stands you up, never disappears, and—you  can relive all your wonderful moments with him over and over again.

He’s perfect right?

And when you pick up another book and fall for someone else, he won’t mind. Trust me.

I speak from experience.

And you know what’s even better? I’m willing to share my fictional crush with you. So generous of me! So just in case you ever wonder if that angelic crush of yours has magically left the pages of ANGEL STAR or LEMNISCATE, or THE BLISS (which releases March 18th in e-book form!) here are some tips to keep in mind.

10 Reasons to Believe Your Boyfriend Is an Angel

1. A star-shaped mark in concealed in his right palm.

2. He happens to be present during all matters of danger or accident.

3. His skin is incredibly warm and comforting.

4. When asked about his family or where he lives, he replies very vaguely.

5. An electrical current runs through the air when your eyes meet.

6. He is perfect in every way.

7. Hidden messages are sent to you during your dreams.

8. He knows your every thought and emotion.

9. He can sweep you off your feet (literally) with a single kiss.

10. He loves you unconditionally and eternally.

4Thank you to Jennifer Murgia for coming by and doing a guest post.  Be sure to check out her books and discover the love we have for Garreth and Hadrian.

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