Playlist Fiction

11Playlist Fiction.  What first comes to mind when you read that?  I know that the first time I was approached about it I was intrigued.  I was curious what it meant and what was involved.


Music has always been important to me. Different song, beats, lyrics are all like the soundtrack to your life.  Music helps me to focus at work, can help lift me up when needed.  Sometimes most importantly can bring on a memory.  The lyrics or the artist voice can bring on emotions from being happy, excited to a few tears.  If you can’t tell I can tend to just go into my own little world when I’m listening to music. 


The other way to go into another world, to feel someone else’s love, happiness, anger, tears and heartache is to read.  I wasn’t necessarily a big reader growing up.  I would read just not all the time.  Then when I was a student worker in the financial aid office a co-worker and I talked about books.  We loved the fantasy and just being able to escape “our world”.  I remember telling her how I LOVED Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.  (If you haven’t read anything by either, YOU MUST. I love the worlds they create.)  We also talked about vampires and things of the supernatural world like L.J. Smith.  She told me on a few occasions that I need to check out Twilight.  It seemed to spark this new thing in me to want to read more and more. 


I talk about this in two different ways because yes, there is a point.  I promise.  😉 

Over the last few years I had started checking out more and more blogs.  I noticed people asking authors if they had a playlist for the story or a character.  I found it to be an interesting question with the way I felt about music as it is.  So, I think it is a pretty cool way to see what kind of music an author associates with a character or a whole story.


In 2010 I heard about a book called Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia.  After reading it and falling for the characters and story I basically started following Jennifer wanting to know when there would be more I could read from her.  I have also had the opportunity to talk with her through Facebook and twitter.  (For a second time I say with another author…if you haven’t read something by Jennifer Murgia then YOU MUST.)


A few months ago Jennifer sent me a message letting me know about an opportunity to be a part of a street team for a new line of young adult novels being published under the name Playlist Fiction.  I had two thoughts.  One was being thrilled to learn that Jennifer was coming out with something new.  Second though I was a little hesitant.  This group has five authors and I didn’t want to let anyone down.  I also wasn’t sure of exactly how much I could do to get the word out about their books.  But, I applied and let me tell you I am really glad that I did.


Every story is unique.  Every author has a playlist to go with their story.  And from I have learned so far about these women…this is an amazing, talented group.  Over the next coming months the street team will be talking about the authors and books in various ways.


I look forward to setting up some interviews and guest posts with the authors and of course talking about the book they have coming out.  The authors with books coming out under Playlist Fiction are Jennifer Murgia, Laura L. Smith, Laura A. Kurk, Stephanie Morrill, and Rajdeep Paulus.

Be sure to stay tuned because these lovely ladies have some great things to come.

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