Character Chat: It’s Complicated Part 1

9Kat, Claire, Hannah and Palmer, I want to thank you guys for stopping by to answer some questions.  I also want to thank you for having let us into your lives in It’s Complicated.

Let’s start with an easy one.  Since there are four of you how about each of you tell us four little known facts about you.

Palmerwell, I’ll go first. I have this adorable cat named Thunder. I love to play tennis. I want to write for a fashion magazine when I graduate. I’m an absolute foodie—love to cook! Maybe I’ll write for someone like Gourmet too.

Hannahme next, me next! I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love my roomies soooo much. I also love gum, especially red hot cinnamon and anything purple—it’s my favorite color. The thing I want to get most this year is a boyfriend!

Katit looks like I’m next. I love soccer. That’s about it. I want to play pro when I graduate. I play for the women’s college team now. I train or run anytime I’m not eating, sleeping or doing homework.

ClaireI’m not really good about talking about myself. I don’t know what I want to major in. I dance. How many is that? Umm, I love café au laits, I think that’s four.

Q: Hannah, you seemed to basically be the one that brought everyone together to begin with.  You were already going to room with Palmer but what made you want to include Claire and Kat?

A: Well, Palmer and I really, really wanted a quad, and Claire was so cool and indie looking at orientation, and then she was so sweet and easy to talk to and looking for a roommate. Then, we just bumped into Kat on the street, and I kind of knew her from high school, and that was that.

Q: Claire, you went to college and took ballet classes.  How long have you been taking ballet classes?  Why did you start?

A: Umm, I guess I’ve been dancing as long as I remember. I started when I was three or four. I tried lots of things when I was little, but it was the one thing that stuck. I’m not athletic and I’m not outgoing, but I lose myself on the dance floor.

Q: Claire, your story seemed to really start in Paris and what happened there.  Let me say I am really sorry about what happened.  When you came back though you seemed to not want to tell anyone about it, your roomies included.  Did you start to feel a closeness with them to be able to let it out?

A: I didn’t want them to think differently about me. I wasn’t sure what I even thought about myself. I didn’t really understand what happened. I’ve been a loner for so long, I’m not really good about sharing myself with others. But, they were so kind and gentle. They really made me feel like I belonged, like I was part of them.

Q: Palmer, your story was one that I think a lot of girls go through with their boyfriends.  It seemed like your relationship with God and Claire’s story is what helped you to come to your final decision.  Is that true?  If so, do you think that it could have turned out differently if you hadn’t met Claire?

A: I honestly never thought that my decisions had anything to do with Claire. I do love my little Claire Bear, but I think what I went through, I went through on my own, well with God’s help, with His strength, thank goodness. Yes, He definitely was there time and time again when I needed Him most.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn some more about the girls.  Check out the book on Amazon to find out what happens to these girls.  Do one of them have story you can relate to in some way?

3 thoughts on “Character Chat: It’s Complicated Part 1

  1. April, this is such a fun blog! It’s perfect for me to hang out in the girls’ heads awhile as I’m working on final edits of the next book in the Status Updates series, It’s Over.

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