Character Chat: It’s Complicated Part 2


Today we have part two of our chat with the girls from It’s Complicated.  Be sure to check out their story here on Amazon.

Q: Kat, we find out that you play soccer.  How long have you played?  Have you ever thought of playing another sport?

A: I’ve been playing soccer ever since I could kick a ball. And, yeah, I tried a little of everything. I’ve played basketball and softball. I’ve run track and even tried archery – that was a crack up—I don’t think I ever hit the target. But soccer’s always been my love. All the rest were just ways to stay in shape for soccer season or to have some fun on the side.

Q: In It’s Complicated it appears that you are focusing on soccer, Kat, but you also seem to be getting the attention of a couple of boys.  Did you think of pursuing a relationship or did soccer and the things that your roommates were going through with boys keep your mind off of that?

A: I’ve never thought about a relationship with a guy. I mean I’ve gone to dances and all, but I’ve never wanted a boyfriend. That’s Hannah’s job. I’m too busy for one. If I have any extra time I want to work on ball skills not staring all google eyed.

Q: Hannah, I’m not sure of a better way to put this, but would it be wrong to say that you were a bit boy crazy?  You seemed to want to be there for your roomies and help them but a part of you could have been a little jealous that they actually had someone’s attention.

A: I really really really want a boyfriend. I make friends easily enough. Sigh. I don’t know why I can’t get a boy to like me.

Q: You also seemed to have someone’s attention but it wasn’t the one that you wanted.  There could have been a girl jealous of you.  😉  I know that isn’t a question, just an observation.

A: Someone jealous of me? Doubtful. Everyone’s always been jealous of Palm.

Q: Palmer, when we were first getting your story I thought your mother seemed to be a bit critical.  Does that ever become a factor of something kind of holding you down?  Or have you learned to just love her and yourself for who you are?

A: You noticed, huh? Yeah, Mom’s just Mom, I guess. She is way critical, but I’m used to it. My sister, Tia, and I roll our eyes a lot.

Girls I want to thank you again for letting us into your lives.  These were tough stories to let people know about and that took courage.  I know that I for one look forward to reading more about you guys.

One thought on “Character Chat: It’s Complicated Part 2

  1. April, thanks for this sweet peek into Kat’s, Claire’s, Palmer’s and Hannah’s lives. The second book in the series, It’s Over, releases at the end of the month, so it will be cool to see how these profiles relate to the next step in their journey.

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