It’s Complicated

9Summary:  There’s a reason Facebook has the relationship status, “It’s Complicated.” Follow four college roommates, Claire, Palmer, Hannah and Kat as they maneuver crushes, confusion, and the crisis when pushy boys go too far. Complicated as it is, these four friends will pull through, guided by the strength of their friendship and the power of God’s love.


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It’s Complicated is told in the point of view of its four main characters telling their individual stories and how they intertwine.  I really like stories that are told from the first person point of view because I feel like it lets you get a closer connection to the character.

Claire and Palmer are the ones I connected with the most.  Not because I have gone through what they did but with the emotion that was conveyed for them.

It’s Complicated is a story of friendship and strength.  These girls come together to hold each other up and see the strength inside themselves.  I’m looking forward to reading the next book to see what else happens to these girls.

This is the first book in the Status Updates series.  The second book is called It’s Over and is out now too.

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