One Year Ago Today

0It is kind of hard to believe that it has been a year since my first book, Eyes to Heaven, has been published.  Being a published author is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  Honestly it seemed like something that was just going to be a distant dream that might come true one day.

Over the years I looked at different self-publishing sites seeing what my different options were through that route.  Crazily enough there was a part of me that was thinking of maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to just self-publish.   The hard part would just be writing the book, right?

I’m laughing now as I write that.  Such a silly thought.

After looking at different sites I still seemed to think of it as maybe one day.  My mom even pointed out a site to do it myself.  (It just so happens that I dedicated Eyes to Heaven to my mother too. ❤ )  Early last year I suddenly had this moment when I was daydreaming of being published that felt like a kick in the butt.  I had to realize I was just going to dream about it for the rest of my life unless I actually TRIED to do something about it.

I took a deep breath and decided this was it was time to do something. (more…)

The Perfect Clouds Virtual Book Tour


The Perfect Clouds Virtual Book Tour

Featuring Swimming Through Clouds and Perfect Glass

Stop. Read. Summer YA.

Saturday, June 1 – Thursday, June 26

Giveaways will be chosen from items listed below:

Swimming Through Clouds notebooks, stickers, Post-its, and coffee mugs

Glass Girl/Perfect Glass iPhone cases, t-shirts, posters, and greeting cards

Copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (Meg’s favorite book)

Copy of Catcher in the Rye (Henry’s favorite book) (more…)

Find out the college prank that went sour

If you could travel somewhere for “research” for a book where would you go and why?4

This is a beautiful question. It feels luxurious to answer. The book I’m writing now is set in West Virginia and I really want to spend a few weeks there, listening to the cadence of the accent, learning idioms and dialect, and studying mannerisms. Just getting to know the good, strong people there. So, that should be my answer, right? Except you didn’t put any limits on me, so I feel like casting my net wider. I would say Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go. Scotland is the closest I’ve been and I felt really pulled to go west and hop on over to Ireland but didn’t have time. I talk about Irish music a lot in Perfect Glass. One side of my family came to America from Ireland and I’m fascinated with that branch of the tree. I could definitely set a book there if you twisted my arm.


Which comes first? The character’s story or the idea for the novel?

For me, it has always been, and will always be, about the characters. I write character-driven stories so their backgrounds and emotions and thoughts usually trump plotting issues in my mind. I can get a whole book written in my head and then realize I need to be more linear with a plot. So then, while writing, I concentrate hard on getting my character from point A to point B. Usually she (or he) begs me to go to point X or point D first. Sometimes they want to bring their friends along for the ride and character development gets even sticker. But after a few passes, I land them where they’re supposed to land. (more…)

Character Chat: Perfect Glass

3Meg and Henry, I want to thank you both for stopping by and answering some questions to let us get to know you some more.  I also want to thank you for sharing your story.  I know that for me it felt like an emotional roller coaster so I can only imagine what it really felt like for you two actually going through it all.

How about a couple of little known facts about you?

Henry – Um . . . my three older sisters used to put dresses on me when I was a baby. There are some unfortunate pictures that remain. And I grew this tall – 6’3” – in seventh grade. I was like mutant boy trying to make it down the hallway without crushing everyone else. I had no control over my limbs. Kids cowered in fear.

Meg – That’s adorable and creepy at the same time, Henry. I think, given the circumstances, people pretty much know all my secrets. But they probably don’t know that from the time I was three until I was probably twelve or thirteen, I snuck into Wyatt’s room at night to sleep because I was scared of the dark. He kept my sleeping bag under his bed for me and he never told a soul. I got up before anyone else and snuck back to my room. Also . . . I once went a month during the winter without shaving because I wanted to see how bad it would get. It got bad. (more…)