Here it All Starts

I have had my laptop for a few months now and it is the first time that I have had the option to make a video.  I have been thinking it would be kind of cool to do one.  Then I would think about doing it and what I would talk about.  Then I would chicken out because well….if you know me off line then you know that isn’t really my thing.

Finally I just had to tell myself that it was time to take another step outside my comfort zone.  So, here have the first one.  I had to do it twice.  The first one my throat was suddenly getting dry.  Of course.  It did it again a little in the second attempt and I said “um” a lot.

Pretty sure though that no matter how many time I did it I wasn’t going to really like the outcome.  There was going to be a part of me that didn’t like it.  So, I decided to just post it.  So, I can look at it and say I did it.

So, I did it.  Yeah me!  lol  🙂 (more…)