Sometimes we have to make room for a heart full of happiness

3I’m a big fan of the show One Tree Hill.  It was on for nine seasons and I’ve been watching it on Netflix lately.  I went back to the beginning.  There were things about some of the characters that I felt I could connect with when it first came out and at that time it was something I really needed.

So watching back over it I get reminded of those things but it doesn’t bring up bad memories.  Instead it helps me see how far I’ve come.

Right now I’m watching season six.  One of the characters, James Lucas Scott, talks to another child about how his mother says sometimes people have to do a lot of crying to make room for a heart full of happiness.

It may just be a show but sometimes kids can say things that can make you stop and think.   Have you had a time when tears would start to come but you don’t want those around you at that moment to see them because you don’t want them to think you are weak or too emotional or something?

I have had to learn that just because you cry it doesn’t mean that you are weak.  We may have moments that we feel like we are breaking but it is in those moments when we choose how to react that determines if we are strong, weak, moving forward or going to dwell on what has happened.

Just like the character said of crying making room in our hearts for happiness I think that the Lord sees us like that too.

The Lord wants us to be happy.  He would like for us to come to him in sad times and in the good times.  But if we let him he has a way in the moments that we feel like we are breaking of letting us feel peace.  When it feels really bad it may feel like a tiny spark of peace but it is there.

It is in those times that we have to seek the peace and happiness and hang on to them.  Sometimes it can feel like we are hanging on to them for dear life. (I say that from experience.)  But when you can hang on to it then you have to get determined to expand it.

When the good gets expanded in your life it becomes easier to see the good around you.  Then it makes it easier to let others see it and feel it.  So it spreads.

So keep in mind: It is okay to cry and get it all out.  It doesn’t mean you are weak.  It means that your heart is ready to make room for some happiness.  Look for it and hang on to it, closely.

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