28Over this year of writing and getting four poetry books self-published I have gotten asked a couple of times how things are going and how the next projects are coming.  Those things are fine but I’ve also been asked a few times how sales are going.  I don’t really like that one.  One, I’m not so sure of just how to comfortable answer it but also sure I will check out the sales occasionally just to see but when it comes down to it sales aren’t a high priority.  Yes, I dream of the day to either be able to stay home and write or travel and write.

But for me the way I see it… You write to write.  You write to be creative and have a moment to let out your feelings, your heart and in a way your soul.  If you go the route to publish then you do it to be able to share.  When you publish even if a hand full of people actually read what you write then it can feel exciting and frightening wondering how they like what you wrote.  From those handful of people if what you wrote affects one or two then at least you know you made a difference to someone’s world.

That is what it comes down to for me.  I’ve always wanted to make a difference in this world.  Over the years I’ve had to learn that the world is so big and I am but one person.  So, if I can write something that matters to one person.  That connected to one person and maybe changed something within them.  Then at least I know I might have helped to change their world.

To make a One Tree Hill reference – I want to know that my art matters to someone.

So in the end I will pray for you and me to be brave in what we do.  No matter what you do know that it matters to someone.  Just as the people around you affect you, you affect them.  Whatever it is that you do if it is painting, writing, singing or sports or anything be determined to do it the best you can. Literally put your heart and soul into it.

One day someone will say to you that your “art” matters and it got them to the point they are at. (One more OTH reference. I couldn’t help myself.)  😉

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