Birthday Celebration

4It’s coming….it is a big one…at least it kind of feels like it to me.  On September 6th I will turn…30.    I’m in a happy mood right now.  I have hit a bit of a stride in my writing lately and I’m about to be on vacation from the job.  So excited and ready for a vacation.  It is seriously needed.


Being in a good mood I decided to spread the joy a little bit.  So from now to the end of September I’m offering a discount on my poetry books.  I’m sorry to say that this is just for paperbacks and can only be used on the Createspace website.  They won’t let the codes work anywhere else.  But, hey, a discount is a discount, right?  😉


I know some people would say poetry isn’t their thing but I saw one review that referred to them as letters.  I could see how they would say that with some.  When I write a poem I don’t really go into it to try and rhyme.  I just want to get my feelings out and for it to flow somehow.


Eyes to Heaven – (for $2.00 off use code D5YZ7XSG)  When I first started writing poetry I was in middle school and a lot of them were about the Lord and my relationship with him.  This is a small collection of some of those.


Lifting My Hands to Heaven – ($2.00 off use code D5YZXSG) Another short collection of poems of faith through the years.  You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. 2 Corinthians 3:3


Secrets of the Heart – ($2.00 off HQ8WGHRV) Secrets of the Heart is when it is hard to put into words when you love someone or when they have hurt you. These poems cover love, heartache, loneliness, missing someone to feeling like someone is your inspiration. These poems cover when your heart and mind are in conflict to when your eyes can’t help but to let out the tears that your heart is feeling. Let these words take you down the path to let out what your heart and mind have a hard time saying.


To Love Unknown – ($2.00 off HQ8WGHRV) This book is both for those in love and not. Those in love feel the love of someone that was unknown for however long. Those still looking daydream and look for their unknown love. It is out there for everyone.

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