Perfect Glass

3Summary:  I couldn’t stop crying because it was so intimate, in that way I always thought being physical with him would feel. If someone had walked in they might have thought Henry was barely touching me. I knew the truth of it.
Things get messy when Meg Kavanagh gets involved—first with Jo Russell, the eccentric old artist, and then with Quinn O’Neill, the intriguing loner who can’t hide how he feels about Meg. Her senior year isn’t turning out like she planned it, but sometimes the best parts of life happen in the in-between moments. And Henry will be home soon, right?
He commits to one year in an orphanage that needs him more than he ever dreamed. Thousands of miles from Meg and the new punk who has fallen for her, and absent from the ranch that’s in his blood, Henry Whitmire finds out what it means to trust. When you’re so far from home, it’s terrifying to realize you’re not who you thought. But the perfect glass of calamity makes the best mirror.
An identity crisis, long distance love, new temptation, and growing pains teach Henry and Meg how to hang onto each other and to what really matters.
From YA author Laura Anderson Kurk comes the sequel to Glass Girl, a lyrical, multi-generational story about love that clouds the eyes, loss that haunts empty rooms, and reunions that feel like redemption.

My Thoughts:  This book….it stuck with me for a while after I finished.  Perfect Glass doesn’t actually feel like a sequel but it isn’t a bad thing.  It does give you more of Meg and Henry’s story.  Which was great and something I was looking forward to.

One of the things that Perfect Glass left me with was a sense of wanting more.  I don’t know that there is anything else in the works.  But, I can say that while I would love for there to be more from Meg and Henry that isn’t where my longing lies.  The characters that we meet while Henry is overseas are the ones that I am prepared to beg more.  I feel like by the end it could have been left open ended with some of them so the reader could kind of decide what happens.  I would do that for the first few days after reading this and where my thoughts would go with some would be happy and with some it would make me sad in wondering.  That could have been done on purpose, I don’t really know, I just know I want more from them.  I want to know that they are okay.

Just like in Glass Girl, Perfect Glass had a couple of quotes that I really liked.

1)      “Either they all thought Mr. Landmann was full of it or they were really considering what we do to ourselves and how life pinches and hurts so much that we throw up fences and walls and lock our doors.  We become pearls-products of the intense need for protection.”

Reading that made me think of how we hope to be open to people.  We want to feel connected and let people be a part of who we are.  When we get hurt it is easier to try and build this wall while still putting up the front of being connected to others.

2)      “It isn’t about the water.  It’s the belief.  It’s about what He does and it’s mysterious and secret and bigger than anything we know.  Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.  Especially crazy and bitter old fools.”

This is from a sad, sweet moment in the book.  It is something I wish more people understood.

Just like in Glass Girl, Perfect Glass, took me on an emotional ride.  It wasn’t as much as in Glass Girl because it was a journey of Meg coming to deal with a death and the change it had on her and her family.  Perfect Glass had me on a ride with Meg and Henry but it was more of the people they each encountered.

It was….perfect.

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