Are you someone’s darkness?

03What does music do for you?  Is it background noise?  Does it make you happy or get you pumped up?  Is there a song that can make you cry?

Why does the music give you that feeling?  Is it the voice, the words, the instruments?  Does the song remind you of something to give you that feeling?

Last night at work I listened to a song that just with the first couple of notes I had tears in my eyes.  It takes me back to years ago when I first saw an episode of a show that even as I have watched it over the years even though I know what is going to happen I cry.

As I listened to this song last night I went back to that episode and some of the words of the characters started going through my head and I just wanted to cry even more.  The events in the US lately also make me think of this and how we treat each other and the things we say.

One Tree Hill was on for nine seasons and in season three it had a school shooting episode.  This episode did something different with the music.  With other episodes and like most other shows there is going to be background music to play a tone to what is going on.  In this episode, (With Tire Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept), there was only on song during the end, which was perfect.

The song is called God Bless the Child by Michelle Featherstone.  With this song it is everything about the song that brings tears to my eyes.  Her voice, the words, the instruments, it is all so touching.

The scene that it comes with is also touching and purely heartbreaking.  In this scene a character by the name of Jimmy is hurting, he has been bullied and just wants it to stop.  At one point he pounds his chest, right over his heart, and cries out that it hurts, it always hurts.

Think about the world around you whether it is at school or work, really open your eyes and think about those people.  Are any of them hurting?  Do any of them just wish they could pull the hurt from inside?  Are you one of them that is hurting?  Are you one that has done the hurting?

There are so many people hurting.  It seems like a lot of the time they don’t or can’t see that things can work out.  Things won’t always be dark.  All we have to do is look beyond the clouds and see those that are there and cling to them for support, to help each other and support each other.

How often do the words you say to someone make them smile?  Are you someone’s light?  Are you someone’s darkness?  If someone had to name their light or their darkness where would your name fall?

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