Sing Sweet Nightingale

Sometimes things can get timed just right.  Working nights sometimes I feel like I miss out on things.  But one night I was off and when I woke up I decided to get on Twitter for a second and see what was going on.  Well that second turned into an hour.  When I got on I saw Spencer Hill Press talking about an author chat that was about to start.  Those tend to be fun so I thought I would check it out.

I’m glad I did because I got to find out about some pretty interesting new books and chat with some cool authors.  I even got to win an ARC of Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron.  It is being released March 4, 2014.  It sounds like a good read so I’m ready to dive in.

002Description:  Seventeen-year-old Mariella hasn’t said a word in four years, and it’s not because she can’t: it’s because she won’t. She has nothing to say because no one would believe there’s a world she can only visit in her dreams. And no one would understand why Mariella promised her silence to Orane, the man who introduced her to this world. Hudson is only eighteen, but he’s survived a lot–including a run-in with creatures he calls the “dream demons”, creatures he blames for the recent death of his four-year-old brother. Struggling to cope in the aftermath of this loss–and guided by signs even the practical Hudson can’t ignore–he moves to a new town and comes face-to-face with the one thing he never thought he’d see: another victim of the demons. Mariella and Hudson have both been chosen by demons from a world that exists within ours, a world where beauty and magic mask cruelty and greed. Hudson has seen the gruesome reality of these beings, but Mariella is still in their thrall. She’s in love with her captor, Orane, and is convinced she doesn’t need saving. It’s up to Hudson to show her the truth about the demons before she’s lost in their world forever.

You can get your copy from Amazon here.

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