Sing Sweet Nightingale Quotes Part 1

I’ve started reading Sing Sweet Nigtingale by Erica Cameron.  I thought I would share some quotes along the way as I read.  I won’t do002 very many each time so it isn’t a super long post but also so I can just keep track.

Anyway I’ll share the description of the book then the quotes.  When I finish the book I share my thoughts on the book as a whole.  You get it on Amazon here.

Description: Seventeen-year-old Mariella hasn’t said a word in four years, and it’s not because she can’t: it’s because she won’t. She has nothing to say because no one would believe there’s a world she can only visit in her dreams. And no one would understand why Mariella promised her silence to Orane, the man who introduced her to this world. Hudson is only eighteen, but he’s survived a lot–including a run-in with creatures he calls the “dream demons”, creatures he blames for the recent death of his four-year-old brother. Struggling to cope in the aftermath of this loss–and guided by signs even the practical Hudson can’t ignore–he moves to a new town and comes face-to-face with the one thing he never thought he’d see: another victim of the demons. Mariella and Hudson have both been chosen by demons from a world that exists within ours, a world where beauty and magic mask cruelty and greed. Hudson has seen the gruesome reality of these beings, but Mariella is still in their thrall. She’s in love with her captor, Orane, and is convinced she doesn’t need saving. It’s up to Hudson to show her the truth about the demons before she’s lost in their world forever.


They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.  Edgar Allan Poe

My gaze jumps from him to the red oaks on either side.  There are too many shadowy hiding places between those trees.  I know.  I’ve used them before.

I made that promise to Calease to keep my brother safe from exactly what’s happening now.  Not even for her will I stand by and watch him die.

He’s getting lighter.  As though the blood dripping onto the pavement is all there is of him, and as it drains, he’s actually fading out of my arms.  Fading out of existence.

Swallowing, I try to answer.  To say goodbye.  To say anything.

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