City girl for a couple of days

016I can’t believe it. I actually made it to New York. It is a place that I have always wanted to go at least once. I have a list of places both in the states and international. Something that made this trip even better was that for the first time I was going to BEA (Book Expo America). This was something that was going to have 750+ authors, 1,000 exhibitors.

My first day in New York started with me leaving the airport heading for my hotel praying for my life that I even make it to the hotel. I just thought drivers were crazy in Arkansas, they are nothing compared to New 019York drivers. Everyone starts to merge and expects the other side to simple let them in and everyone seems to really like to use the car horns. Simply crazy times and in a way I haven’t been in a vehicle that has been in an accident, yet.

One of the things I really wanted to do was go to The Empire State Building. It was pretty cool to be up that high and walk around. I got to end my first day having dinner with some lovely ladies at Cara Mia.


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