Day 1 of BEA fun, where is the Dr. Pepper?

008My Thursday in New York was a fun, long day. It started with going to an adult author & book breakfast. The upside was that Neil Patrick Harris and Anjelica Huston were there and it was great to hear them talk about their upcoming books. They both sound great and Neil was hilarious. The downside was that the supposed 011breakfast part of the morning consisted of a basket that had a few muffins and bagels to choose from in the middle of the table. For a long day ahead just a lonely muffin wasn’t how I would have chosen to start it.


Moving past that though the convention was great. It took a bit of time to kind of get my bearing and kind of get the feel of what was going on since I had never been before. It was wonderful to get the chance to meet some authors. We don’t get author signing in my area so it was pretty cool to have the chance at so many. I got picture with Julie Kagawa and Caragh O’Brien.


At the end of the day I stopped by my hotel room and then headed back out. One of the things014 I wanted to do while in NY was make it to Central Park. It was a bit of a walk from my hotel, not too bad but silly me I didn’t check my camera battery before I left. Once I got to Central Park and took a couple of photos it looked like it was about to die. I was determined though to find one thing that I wanted a picture of, the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. It was wonderful! I was thrilled when I found it.


One my way back to the hotel I looked for something easy for dinner. What I had found crazy was that I really couldn’t find Dr. Pepper anywhere. If you know me at all then you know that Dr. Pepper is my main drink. I’ve been trying to not have so much but still I was needing a fix. I saw a McDonalds and thought of all places they would probably have it. I was wrong. All I found was coke, sprite and water stuff. So, no DP the day before and now none today which is kind of hard when you are used to at least one a day. Craziness but still a good day.

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