To My Heart Preview

5Very, very soon To My Heart will be out for all to read.  I decided to do a little preview post of a couple of poems.

With my first four books Eyes to Heaven, Secrets of the Heart, Lifting My Hands to Heaven and To Love Unknown I have had people say that they don’t really read as poems.  Now I don’t know if they meant that to be a good thing or not.  Ultimately I’m okay with that.

I can’t say that I’m the best writer.  I will always have something to improve on.  But I like when authors break some rules and go outside the box.

I had someone say that some read as letters once.  I think that works.  I see my poems as thoughts expressed to someone.  That is what you do in a letter, right?  So, for me that works.

Now for a preview:

To My Heart

To always being here

To always being able to see through me


To bringing comfort

To bringing light through the darkness


To the happiness

To the joy through the heartache


To the love

To my heart


For always being a part of me


House to Home

Building a home

To fill it

To overflow it

We must strengthen

The love from with in


Build it

From the ground up

Strengthen each other


Working together

Growing together

Building together

Strengthening together



To love

To build a house

To build a home


From the inside out


Gentle Man with My Heart

Gentle arms

Envelop my heart

Never to let it break

Telling a tale of




All within

Never to let me fall


My Angel

The angel in my life

Cast away the darkness

Cast away the insecurities


Prayers sent you into my life

Far better than a dream


The old life vanished

When we met


Suffering alone no more

My angel always by my side

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