Holiday Blog Hop Giveaway

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Today I am taking part in a holiday blog hop/giveaway. I’ve been following it the last couple of days and each blog is giving away something and there is an overall giveaway too.  Each blog is giving away something to each reader and I have seen some cool things.

I should have had this post up sooner but work went a little long this morning. One of the associates asked me if I had heard the Christmas song “I want a hippopotamus”. I hadn’t and before I left she had it playing and I have to say it is super cute. Even though this one doesn’t take me back to childhood what Christmas song takes you back to your childhood?

For my FREE gift I’m sharing a poem. I’m writing a YA story and the female lead grew up in a loving home that turned abusive after her mother died. This poem is written from her perspective as a way to share her feelings of her home life before she left. In order to get this just answer the question above about a song that takes you back to your childhood and I will email it to you.

As a bonus I want to mention a FREE book. It is called Under My Skin by Judith graves. It is available for free on Smashwords. Here is a description: All her parents wanted was for Eryn to live a normal life… Redgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town. Mauled pets, missing children. The Delacroix family is taking the blame, but Eryn knows the truth. Something stalks the night. Wade, the police chief’s son and Redgrave High’s resident hottie, warns her the Delacroix are dangerous. But then so is Eryn–in fact, she’s lethal. But she can’t help falling for one of the Delacroix boys, dark, brooding–human Alec. And then her world falls apart. A normal life? Now that’s the real fairytale.

Be sure to go enter the overall giveaway of $100 Amazon gift card, HERE. And be sure to check out the other freebies being offered HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Blog Hop Giveaway

  1. “Up on the Housetop, Reindeer Paws” & “Bring Us Some Figgie Pudding” we’re tops in music class in Elem school. Now when I sing those w the students, I get so excited! #ThrowBackWednesdaynotThursday!

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