A Touch of Death

I had a bit of a fail moment yesterday and didn’t get a post up. So, how about today we have a5 little something from Kelly herself. The other day was two FREE reads that you can find on her site. They are short stories that are a prequel of sorts for the Touch of Death series. The two main characters are Jodi and Alex.

5 Things You Should Know About Jodi Marshall (According to Alex Montgomery):

  1. She looks amazing wearing my long-sleeve T-shirt to bed.
  2. Being the Chosen One isn’t what makes her special. It’s the way she’s willing to risk her life to protect people. Who else would go head to head with Hades to save a race of people she barely knows?
  3. She looks just like Medusa. Don’t believe all those stories you’ve heard about Medusa. She was actually gorgeous. (Please don’t tell Athena I said that.)
  4. No matter how much power she has, she’ll always miss her old life as a human.
  5. She has no idea how amazing she really is.


It is Kelly Hashway Week!

5Have you ever had an author that you had to read every book that they wrote? An author that is a true escape for you? Well,…how about you let Kelly Hashway be that author for you.

This coming Tuesday, June 2nd, Kelly has a new book being released called The Darkness Within. It is a sequel to The Monster Within. I am really looking forward to The Darkness Within because of how much I enjoyed The Monster Within.

Over the next several days I will have a new post about Kelly in some way. There is plenty to share and this super sweet author. One thing is that she also writes under the name Ashelyn Drake. But, this week I’m going to focus on the things she has written as Kelly Hashway. (more…)