It is Kelly Hashway Week!

5Have you ever had an author that you had to read every book that they wrote? An author that is a true escape for you? Well,…how about you let Kelly Hashway be that author for you.

This coming Tuesday, June 2nd, Kelly has a new book being released called The Darkness Within. It is a sequel to The Monster Within. I am really looking forward to The Darkness Within because of how much I enjoyed The Monster Within.

Over the next several days I will have a new post about Kelly in some way. There is plenty to share and this super sweet author. One thing is that she also writes under the name Ashelyn Drake. But, this week I’m going to focus on the things she has written as Kelly Hashway.Kelly has written a couple of series and one is The Touch of Death books. How about today you get a taste for this series with two FREE short reads. Both of which are a prequel.

Kiss of DeathYoung Adult Paranormal Prequel Novella to the Touch of Death Series.23211374 This book is told from Alex’s POV.

The only life Alex Montgomery knows is raising the dead and having zombie servants, normal stuff for an Ophi. Alex is a necromancer descended from Medusa—or at least he will be once he comes into his powers. So far his life is training to use abilities he doesn’t yet possess, which gets him beaten up by zombies on more than one occasion. And his parents Victoria and Troy won’t tolerate anything less than perfection from Alex. He has a lot to live up to, and they remind him of it every day. So when an innocent birthday kiss turns deadly, Alex has to work twice as hard to master his Ophi abilities. He isn’t the Chosen One, but he’s still a Montgomery, which means he’s expected to run the Ophi school one day. With a new group of students coming to the school, Alex needs to learn fast because he’s about to be sent on the biggest mission of his life.

Want to know Alex’s story and what he was like before he met Jodi? Now you can.

18627177Another one is Curse of Death: (Personally, I LOVED this one! I wished it had been longer)

When Medusa is caught between the god she serves and the god she loves, there can only be one outcome.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see another post about Kelly and her work. I also have a people from her street team taking part to share about her. So, stay tuned…

Also, I just figured out I didn’t get the rafflecopter set up in time so it will officially start tomorrow. If you are in the US then it is a chance to win a signed copy of one of Kelly’s books. If you are international then you will get your pick of one of her books that is available on The Book Depository. (Click the link below.)
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