Street Team Unite

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Are you a part of a street team or some sort? Kelly has a street team and she recently did something pretty cool in that she let us help name a town in a story she was writing. That is one of the things I LOVE about street teams. You get to interact with fellow readers and people that love the same author. Sometimes the author will do something special like contests, exclusive sneak peeks or polls.

Below area few from Kelly’s street team answering some questions.

What is the first book you read of Kelly’s? What did you enjoy about it?

13326795Fiona: Touch of Death. I loved the approach to mythology and the opening of the book threw you straight into the action.

Medeia: I’m glad I’m a Goodreads member who documents dates I read things. The first book I read of Kelly’s was a children’s tale, THE IMAGINARY FRIEND, back in 2011. It was sweet and touching.

Beverly: Touch of Death. I enjoyed the book because the characters are well developed and there’s never a dull moment. The heroine, Jodi, though faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, never gives up.

Cassandra: The Monster Within. I loved the characters and the story.

Kelsey: The first book I read of Kelly’s was one of her new adult novellas, published under Ashelyn Drake: Behind Closed Doors (Campus Crush #2). Back then, I wasn’t so much into contemporary romance, especially the new adult version. I prefer fantasy and science fiction. But I knew Kelly from online—great person!—and when I saw her review request for Behind Closed Door I thought why not. Give it a try.

It was a nice, easy-to-read novella that definitely held my interest. Despite not being impressed with the main character, Julia, I found the storyline well thought out and the challenges and dilemma fresh and intriguing. Also, I really enjoyed Kelly’s style of writing, which is what attracted me to her other new adult novellas and young adult novels, later on.

Is there someone you would like to see Kelly work with on a project? (An author18772590 you think she could do an amazing book with.)

Fiona: Me. I’ve completed my first novel for the 12+ age group and am starting on the second. My books are about magic and mythological characters. I’d love to work with Kelly on a joint project.

Medeia: Kelly is so prolific on her own, so I don’t think she’d need a co-author. Although, I do think it would be interesting if she collaborated with another author on a genre she hasn’t written yet. Kelly might want to explore sci-fi or historical fiction. 🙂

Cassandra: Lynn Rush. She is an amazing paranormal author.

If you could pick any of the character’s from Kelly’s books to get a spin off series or short story, who would you pick and why?

Fiona: Jodi’s father. It would be interesting to find out about his youth and the events that led up to his death.

Medeia: I’m picking Logan from INTO THE FIRE—Kelly is writing as Ashelyn Drake. I believe he needs his own story. It seemed like plenty of intense things happened to him before the start of that novel.

Beverly: I think Logan from Into the Fire would make a great story.

Cassandra: Ethan and Sam. I just love those two characters.

Kelsey: That would definitely be Dylan! He caught my interest the moment he appeared in The Monster Within. He was mysterious, creepy, and had light hair (my kind of guy to crush on). But you don’t really get to know him in The Monster Within, and with how he’s kind of closed off, I’m not sure how much we’ll learn throughout the series. And like with every guy I fall for, I want to know more about him and even his late brother. What was their relationships? What happened to their family? How did they get started in magic? I have so many questions, I’m afraid all of them aren’t going to be answered.

17452685What draws you to a book to begin with?

Fiona: An original take on mythology and the supernatural. Complicated characters.

Medeia: The cover first, then the description.

Beverly: Strong characters that face their troubles bravely yet realistically.

Cassandra: Story line or author. I usually read the blurb and if it sounds good, than I read it.

Kelsey: Honestly, the first thing that draws me to a novel is its cover. If done right, it can tell the entire basis of the story it belongs to. Books such as Kelly Hashway’s, the original Lux covers, the Hereafter series, the Goddess Wars, and Descendants of Isis. However, it also comes down to the jacket summary. Even books with awesome covers can have nothing to its plotline. So it’s only when a summary grabs my attention that I’ll actually purchase the book.

How about a couple of little unknown facts about you?

Fiona: I have a tattoo of an angel sleeping on a heart on my back but I rarely reveal it. As a child, I almost died when knocked down by a speeding nurse in a car.

Medeia: I have strange sleep patterns, so it’s not unusual if I’m ready to begin my day at three in the morning.

Butterflies and dogs used to frighten me, but I’m okay with them today.

Last summer I learned that I could fast draft a novel in two weeks.

Beverly: I’m sometimes known as the “bug lady” because I save butterflies, praying mantis and walking sticks from my cats.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a dancer.

Cassandra: I am from a very small hometown and I collect anything Japanese.

Kelsey: I’m a blogger and author, but for eight hours of the day, I’m also a biologist. I connected with Kelly online sometime back, but I really got to know her and her novels when I was invited to join YA Bound over a year ago. I have a small Ancient Egyptian god statute collection as well as a small collection of witchcraft books and items, which I’ve added a masquerade mask in honor of The Monster Within.

It is Kelly Hashway Week

A Touch of Death

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  1. Wow! I don’t even know what to say right now except that I love you all. You’re so incredibly supportive and just really amazing people. Thank you, April, Fi, Medeia, Beverly, Cassandra, and Kelsey! ❤

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