This or That with Kelly Hashway

Randomness with Kelly Hashway…5

This or That:

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

Sweet or salty? Both!

Paperback or hardback? Hardback

Ebook or physical book? Both! (I’m always reading a physical book and one on my Kindle.)

Paranormal or thriller? Paranormal

Historical or contemporary? Contemporary

Romance or Action? Eek! Action followed by romance

Fall or winter? Fall

Spring or Summer? Summer

Flying or driving? Flying

Early riser or sleep late? Early riser

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Tell us 4 things we might be surprised to learn about you.

I hate driving and didn’t want to get my license.

I struggle with anemia, so I’m usually really cold and get lightheaded very easily.

I’m extremely accident-prone and walk into things all the time.

I was proposed to in kindergarten. My response was a loud scream of horror. 😉

If you could travel anywhere for research where would you go?

Probably London. I’ve always wanted to go there and research would be the perfect excuse.

If you could write a novel with another author who would you pick and why?

Rick Riordan! I love him. He can write mythology and action like no other.

What is the best piece of advice you have gotten?

Read as much as possible. It’s the best way to learn about the industry and become a better writer.

If you could have dinner with any 4 people, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Rick Riordan – Can you tell he’s my idol? The man is an amazing writer. I want to step inside his brain for a while.

Robin Williams – He was always my favorite actor. I was so upset when he died.

JK Rowling – How can I not pick her? She’s become such an icon in this industry.

Jensen Ackles ­– Um, totally for his acting abilities. It has nothing to do with his appearance at all. Nope. 😉

Do you have any must haves when you are writing?

If it’s fall, winter, or spring, I need a cozy blanket. Other than that, I need coffee, my laptop, and my day planner.

It is Kelly Hashway Week

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