Book Lovin with Kelly Hashway


I got to ask Kelly some questions about several of her books. Thank you, Kelly for your time. Thank you for bringing wonderful stories to the world.

Describe The Monster Within in 3 words.

Jekyll and Hyde (Ah, that’s three words right there!)

Describe The Imaginary Friend in 3 words.

Friendship, childhood, imagination

What inspired The Imaginary Friend? It is a sweet story that can pull at the heartstrings. It13284271 is very unique.

Thank you. It was actually inspired by my daughter, who has a lot of imaginary friends. She loves them, and she creates more as she needs them. That got me wondering about why kids create imaginary friends and the purpose they serve. I loved stepping into that world and remembering the imaginary friends I had when I was a child. The story is really how I would like to think of imaginary friends, why they exist, and where they go after kids no longer need them.

COTGFDescribe Curse of the Granville Fortune in 3 words.

Visions, mystery, family

Tell us 4 things we should know about J.B.

He thinks he’s losing his mind and that terrifies him.

He wants to protect his family above all else.

He has a crush on a girl named Noelle.

He’s a quick thinker.

Describe Touch of Death in 3 words.13326795

Mythology, zombies, death

Describe Stalked by Death in 3 words.

15980368Stalked by Death is an: emotional power struggle.

What are 4 things we should know about Chase?

He’s the only character I’ve even written that I hate.

He has a lot of family issues.

He’ll do anything for power.

He’s not as tough as he thinks he is.

What should we know about the necromancers?

The Ophi aren’t that much different from humans. Some just want to live like humans, too. But they are powerful and have to be extremely careful not to harm the people around them. And of course there’s the whole Hades-hates-them thing. It’s never a good idea to anger the god of the Underworld.

What was it about the medusa mythology that intrigued you enough to use it for a story?

I feel like she got a bad reputation for no reason. Don’t tell Goddess Athena I said this, but Medusa was wrongfully cursed. I mean, she was caught in the crossfire between Poseidon and Athena. She didn’t deserve the curse that Athena bestowed on her. I really wanted to show Medusa as I see her—a beautiful woman who wasn’t out to hurt people. She just had to deal with a curse that was placed on her. She was so much more than that though, which is why I created a group of necromancers that are her descendants.

Describe Face of Death in 5 words.18135881

How about a five-word phrase? Heartbreaking, life or death adventure

It is Kelly Hashway Week

A Touch of Death

Street Team Unite

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