#TheReadingQuest Sign Up TBR

As of Sunday August 13th, I will be a Knight. Okay, so not really just while a readathon is happening. I don’t take part in them often but lately I have been in the mood to and I saw someone post about this one and it sounded like fun.

You can go here to read more about it. I’ll try to do updates throughout on here as to where I am with the books. I have tried to come up with books for each of the characters but I’m going to start with the Knight and do some of the side challenges while I try to do challenges for the other characters.

This challenge is from August 13 to September 10th.

So, here is my TBR for the Knight challenge:

The first book in a series: The Body Finder

Book with a verb in the title: Roar

Book with a weapon on the cover: The Inventor’s Secret

Book with a red cover: Pizza, Love and other Stuff that made me Famous (The whole cover isn’t read but there is red in the cover. Not sure if that works)

Book that has an adaptation: Isle of the Lost

Once I get through with those here are some of the side challenges I want to do.

A book by 2 authors: Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

A book with 500 plus pages: A Name of the Wind (This will depend on getting it from the library in time)

Book set either in the past or future: A New Hope: the princess, the scoundrel, and the farm boy by Alexandra Braken

Graphic Novel or Poem Collection: Princess Saves Herself in this one

Book with an animal in the title: The Scorpio Races

This is a good challenge for me because majority of these I own but haven’t read. A few have been on my tbr for a while but I would need to get them from the library.

2 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest Sign Up TBR

  1. Isle of the Lost has a lot of mixed reviews, but I quite liked it. I wonder what you’ll think! I really want to read Name of the Wind as well. I hadn’t head of Pizza, Love and other Stuff that made me Famous before but it sounds pretty cool. Good luck with your readathon!

    Here’s my TBR!

    • I found Pizza, Love and other stuff that made me Famous at the Dollar Tree. I hadn’t heard of it before either but it sounded like it would be a cute read.

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