Consistency…sometimes it feels like a dirty word. You know it is meant to bring good but then you realize it means work. So, you make a plan and hopefully have the best intentions. Sometimes you might even take what it is that you are trying to become consistent with and break it down into goals. Even with the best intentions doubt creeps in and you wonder if you can do it.

Does that sound familiar? I know it does to me. Why? Because it is what I am working on this year.

I want to get to where I am doing more than just talking about writing something or talking about getting something published. In order to get something published I have to put in the work. More often than once in a while. So, I decided to make a yearly goal and then broke it down to monthly goals. How is it going this month? Not too bad. Though I have beat the monthly word count goal I haven’t written every day. One thing that has helped is a trick that I got from Victoria Schwab. You can check out her video that she talks about what she does here.

With the job that I started in August last year when public schools go on break my work either goes bare minimum staff or closes for a time. While it is nice to have time off it takes a hit on the paycheck. But I found that once I started back to work this month that it got hard to write on some days. There were some days that when I got home I didn’t want to do anything. I have to figure out a way to make myself write on the days that I have my day job.

Someone else that I’ve been finding helpful on youtube is Jenna Moreci. I am going to continue to try and kick it in gear and do the work. I want to have 30 days that I do some writing every day. I know that I can do it but there are days that I get lazy and days that doubt creeps in and wants to tell me that anything I write isn’t going to be good. I am going to beat the doubt down.

What is it that you want to be consistent with or something that you want to kick down doubt on?